Lion's Mane Grow Kit/Spawn

Lion's Mane Grow Kit/Spawn

Our Lion's Mane sawdust spawn is intended for folks interested in growing their own mushrooms at home. If the bag is placed in a cool environment (no warmer than 72F) it should produce a fruiting body in 2-3 weeks. After resting for a week and taping up the cut from the first flush, the bag can be reopened on a separate side for a second flush. This action can be repeated up to 2 more times with successively smaller mushrooms each time. Misting the plastic around the mushroom, can encourage development. Never mist fruiting bodies directly.

Outdoor grower's can reuse their spent grow kits by making totems out of oak or maple logs. Expect fruitbodies to emerge from totems the following year in March-May and September-November depending on climate.

Spawn orders are made to order. Expect a 3-4 week lead time before shipping. Spawn products require 2-day shipping and will not be shipped fully colonized due to the fast colonization rate, and early fruit body development of this strain.

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